Rights Center: Popular Mobilization Forces demand an urgent position on the fact of killing of bloggers and journalists

  03/09/2019 04:09         Statement         1630   


Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support Calls on the Popular Mobilization forces to issue an urgent official position to clarify the fact of inciting the killing of bloggers and journalists in Iraq, the Center expresses its growing concern about repeated instances that threaten the lives of bloggers and journalists.
While the Center denounces the barbaric attack launched by pages that indicate that it is close to the Popular Mobilization forces, it calls on Mr. Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Adel Abdul Mahdi to take immediate action to protect bloggers and journalists, Because the pages that incite the liquidation of bloggers and journalists in Iraq, there are large interactions from social media accounts of people close to armed factions or popular mobilization forces.
Journalist and blogger Ali Wajih told the Rights Center that he and a group of media professionals and bloggers are being subjected to incitement to kill us by bloggers and pages indicating that they are close to or affiliated with the organization, although these bloggers had their honorable stances to support the battle against ISIS, because these pages do not have a specific name, they have a clear interaction from dozens of profiles and people who write in their information that they work with the organization, or in the institutions of Shiite armed factions, or formations of the Popular Mobilization forces.
Wajih from Rights Center asks formations ofthe Popular Mobilization forces, to announcement of a clear statement that indicates to a directive to incite our blood, and accuse a group of national media on ridiculous and empty charges, the first of which is "normalization with Israel," or "employment."
He added” We expect the Commission to indicate clearly whether these pages and personalities belong to them or not, in the interest of not touching them  at least in front of the public”.


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