Rights demands the Prime Minister Abdul-Mahdi to intervene to release of Al- Fallujah satellite channel crew 

  26/09/2019 03:09         Statement         1832   


The Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support calls on Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to immediately direct the release of the Fallujah satellite TV team detained without warrants at Al- Salhiya police station for covering a demonstration for graduates of higher degrees in the Allawi area of Baghdad.
The Center denouncing the use of force and dispersing peaceful demonstrators of higher degrees, and the assault on journalist staff, including the NRT Arabiya team and Fallujah satellite team of Ahmed al-Haj and cameraman Ali Abdulkarim.
The Rights Center calls on the detained Fallujah team to register a lawsuit against members of the security forces who detained them and transferred them to the Salhiya police station in central Baghdad.
Fallujah correspondent Ahmed al-Haj told the Center that a force from the National Security and the security of the Prime Minister's Office detained him in their office and then transferred him to the Salhiya police station to open a lawsuit against him on a charge unknown so far.


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