Rights Center condemns the detention of 130 engineers sit in front of the Engineers Association in Baghdad

  22/09/2019 08:09         Statement         1955   


The Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support condemns the use of force against peaceful demonstrators, and the latest one is the detention of more than 130 engineers by security forces, including 20 female engineers, in front of the Iraqi Engineers Association building west of Baghdad, the Center considers the repetition of these attacks a systematic method and a plan to end the protests.
While the Rights Center refuses to suppress peaceful graduates and protests by members of the security forces, the center calls on Baghdad Operations Commander Lt. Gen. Jalil al-Rubaie to direct security forces not to override the demonstrators, because they use their constitutional right to peacefully protest the lack of job opportunities, and to make urgent decisions against security forces for violating the Constitution and the use of excessive force against demonstrators.
Rights Center calls on both the Baghdad Operations Command and the demonstrators to refrain of violence, as it has a negative impact on public property.


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