Rights Center records the disappearance of journalist Mohammed al-Shammari and demands security authorities to reach his place immediately

  18/11/2019 11:11         Statement         1901   


Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support calls on all security authorities to reach the place of journalist Mohammed Qahtan al-Shammari, who disappeared on Sunday morning after leaving his home in the center of Diwaniyah, or declare the place and conditions of his detention if he is alive or under investigation in a particular case so that he can be accessed and given the right to a defense lawyer.
While the Rights condemns the phenomenon of enforced disappearance practiced by unknown parties against journalists, activists and public opinion leaders because it does not want to hear the voice of truth, the Center considers intimidation practices rejected and included in the repression of freedoms guaranteed by the country's Constitution.
The Center undertakes to provide a team of lawyers to journalist Mohammed al-Shammari if detained by the security authorities.
The Rights Center has recorded mass violations of freedom of expression and has signaled constant threats from various sides since the start of demonstrations in Baghdad and the provinces as well as the arrest of others whose fate is not yet known.
Those close to the journalist Mohammed Qahtan al-Shammari told the Rights Center that he received various threats two days before his disappearance related to his work in the province, especially as he transferred the arrest of a number of officials announced by the Integrity Commission and the continued coverage of sit-ins and demonstrations in Diwaniya, as well as the disclosure of several corruption files


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