Rights Center calls for Ammar Talal to waive the prosecution of the journalist Hussein Al-Attiyah

  01/03/2021 03:43         Statement         1464   


The Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support rejects the recent measures taken by the administration of Alsumaria satellite channel by forcing workers to sign written pledges to waive half of their financial dues in exchange for handing over the other half, after a widespread protest by the channel's workers, the center considers this procedure a violation of the Iraqi Labor Law No. 37 of 2015.
The Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support also denounces the dragging of workers in the Alsumaria satellite channel to the court yard in order to exhaust them financially and psychologically and pressure them, The most recent of which is what happened with the journalist Hussein Al-Attiyah, who previously worked for the channel as a "programmer", and who wrote a post on Facebook criticizing the behavior of the channel and its director, Ghazwan Jasim, against the backdrop of forcing him and his colleagues to acknowledge receipt of their financial dues, 
The director of Alsumaria TV, Ghazwan Jassim, registered a lawsuit against the former program host at the station, Hussein Al-Attiyah, against the backdrop of a Facebook post demanding compensation of 100 million Iraqi dinars and an apology in the media.
While the Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support will provide a legal team to defend Al-Attiyah and his colleagues, it is calling on the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alsumaria TV, Ammar Talal, to waive the journalist Hussein Al-Attiyah, The fact that the channel was known to respect the different points of view and established the process of criticism by the media, and because this lawsuit will be a point back in the channel’s performance with regard to freedom of expression and establish a new phase of intimidation of journalists.


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