The judiciary is carefully directed before issuing arrest warrants, especially concerning with journalists

  01/11/2018 08:11         News         1646   

The higher judicial council Instructed to the investigation courts to make the issuance of arrest warrants in general, concerning journalists in particular, particularly in the case of journalists.

"The Council discussed at its 16th session the arrest warrants issued by the courts of inquiry, especially with regard to journalists," Judge Abdul Sattar Birqdar, spokesman for The higher judicial council.

"The Council pointed out the need to be careful in the issuance of these notes and recommended not to resort to them except in the circumstances provided for by law, and taking into a legal article (10/2) of the Journalists Law No. (21) of 2011 that concerning the need to notify the Syndicate of journalists about any complaint against the journalist related with his job.

"This decision is one of several made by the higher Judicial Council to supporting freedom Speech and professional and responsible journalism in the country," the official speaker said.



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