Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech explaining the television team attacking is a serious behavior

  18/01/2018 07:01         Statement         144   

A group of students from a school in Diwaniyah attacked Dijla satellite channel team when they reported about an incident that happened at school, it is believed that the teaching staff incited the students to attack the channel staff.

The Iraqi Center received a call from the correspondent of Dijla satellite channel, Zaid al-Fatlawi, who said that he was subjected to random stone throwing and harassment by a number of school students, the headmaster attacked one of the teachers while trying to reveal what had happened, indicating that the school administration was behind this action by inciting students to do so.

While the Iraqi Center condemn these behaviors it is a dangerous precedent, to establish a new culture by attacking media across generations, and demands that the Ministry of Education and the Governor of Diwaniyah to open an immediate investigation, and accountability of offenders, especially as journalists are working according to the law.


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