In a dangerous precedent ... The head of the media network hits a manager and expels him from his office

  24/01/2018 02:50         Statement         102   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech rejects the procedures that deal it with by the head of the Iraqi Media Network, Mr. Mujahid Abu Al-Hill, with the staff of the network, the latest with the director of public relations and information Hussein Ali al-Hassoun, by beating him and expelled from his office, this generates concerns about the work of network employees with their future management.

The Iraqi Center received a call from the director of relations and media in the Iraqi media network, Hussein Ali al-Hassoun, that he attended the office of Mujahid Abu al-Hill Badr, to discuss matters related the work, and at the meeting and discussion, the head of the network, beat him and expelled from the office, and then issued orders to his office to ban him from entering and for whatever reason.

“The head of the network has directed accusations of untrue and dealt with me as if we were in a run away from all the professional work in addition to directing verbal orders to withdraw the staff’s cars and SNG to” Al- Hasoon

The Iraqi Center, the Prime Minister, the Parliamentary Culture and Information Committee, and the Board of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network, for an urgent investigation and to take the necessary legal measures in a professional and fair manner, and the Iraqi Center can provide a legal team for Hussein Ali al-Hassoun in the case of a lawsuit against the head of the Iraqi media network


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