A television report makes Al- Furat satellite channel facing the judiciary

  23/02/2018 05:02         Statement         116   

The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech deplores the actions taken by governmental institutions against the journalists with the aim of restricting their work through prosecute as a result of the preparation of reports highlighting the deterioration of institutions, the most recent of which was the directorate of Wasit province against Al- Furat satellite channel, while the Center undertakes to provide a legal defense team for this lawsuit.

Where the Office of Judicial Investigation in Kut, the director of Al- Furat satellite channel there (Riad Aqili) to investigate because of a complaint filed by the directorate of Education Governorate, against him because of a report concerning the educational reality.

The Iraqi Center expresses its confidence in the judiciary and respects their work to achieving justice, but however, he calls the Minister of Education to make the Directorate of Education of Wasit to withdraw the complaint against Al- Furat satellite channel, and invest constructive criticism to improve educational performance.

The director of Al-Furat satellite channel in Wasit (Riyad al-Aqili) told the Iraqi Center to be prosecuted by the Directorate of Education because of his explanation of the suffering of students and the deterioration of the educational reality in there.



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