The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech condemns the attack on a television correspondent in Babylon and ask the governor to response his safety

  23/04/2018 06:04         Statement         107   

The Iraqi Center condemns the repeated attacks on journalists, especially in these days before the parliamentary elections in the country, and most recent was the attack on Issa al-Atwani, correspondent of NRT Arabiya, in Babil Province by unknown assailants.

The Iraqi Center calls on all political coalitions participating in the parliamentary elections to understand the work of journalists in the exercise of their role by revealing files related to waste of public funds and administrative corruption.

At 11:45 pm on Friday, Issa al-Atwani, correspondent of NRT Arabiya, in Babil province, was attacked by unidentified persons traveling in an unknown vehicle 4WD type, which harassed him when he was heading home, after he got out of his car to ask them why they were being pursued, they beat him with sticks and batons until they smeared his face, bruised him, and lost consciousness before fleeing.

The Iraqi Center carry on the Governor of Babel, Sadiq Maddul Al Sultani and the provincial police leadership the responsibility of Salama Issa Al Atwani and his family. The Prime Minister, Haider Al-Abadi, calls for the establishment of a High Judicial Committee to oversee the perpetrators and those behind them.

The Iraqi Center promises to provide a legal defense team to NRT Arab correspondent in Babylon, Issa Al Atwani, if he want that.


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