Iraqi Center for Support Freedom of Speech: The press has become one of the most dangerous careers in Iraq

  05/05/2018 04:21         Statement         67   

The Iraqi Center concern about the continuing decline in freedom of expression in Iraq this year, where it ranked 160 out of 180 countries, having been ranked 158 for the past two years.

The Iraqi Center stresses that this decline indicates of the journalists’ job in Iraq is considered a very dangerous occupations and jobs.

That Iraqi journalists face restrictions in their work, especially in obtaining official approvals when starting field coverage, or access to real information from official sources, in addition to the presence of obstacles to the work of journalists and bloggers in their search for information, which causes overwork and delay for the journalists’ job.

The journalists in Iraq received various threats and attacks and in deferent ways, especially with the near parliamentary elections, The Iraqi Center calls to stop the practice of harassment and threats and intimidation by the clans of candidates belonging to the political blocs participating in the electoral process.

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, The Iraqi Center to issue legislation that will protect journalists and grant them access to information.


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