Rights reject the arrest for a citizen in Dhiqar without a judicial memorandum and considers that was an unprecedented terrorism

  11/10/2018 03:10         Statement         86   


The Iraqi Center for Supporting Freedom of Speech (Rights), rejecting the new method followed by the Directorate of Intelligence and the fight against terrorism in the district of Shatra in the province of Dhiqar.
Which included the arrest of a number of young people in the province on charges of spreading atheism, without judicial warrants, the last one was happened with the Ihsan Mousa, the owner of the library Baiet al- Aloah, which sells books in the city of Nasiriyah.
At the same time, the Iraqi Center (Rights) condemns the unconstitutional way of seeking to suppress the opinions of citizens. And demands that Interior Minister Qasim al-Araji release the citizen Ihsan Mousa and hold accountable those responsible for the arrest of citizens who may be different in views with a number of citizens, and that the constitution guarantees all beliefs and ideas.
The Iraqi Center (Rights) received a statement issued by the Department of intelligence and combating terrorism Shatra earlier this month, and asked the owner’s library to attend the headquarters of the Directorate for the purpose of investigation.


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