(Rights) denounces the recruitment of a cameraman to a police station in Babylon and the destruction of his press equipment

  05/03/2019 01:03         Statement         55   

The Iraqi Center for Support Freedom of Speech (Rights) deplores the repeated harassment the security forces against media institutions, so a member of the Babylon police assaulted the team of the Samarra satellite channel in the center of the province while smashing their press equipment, the Iraqi Center calls on police leaders to direct their employees to respect the working media and give them sufficient space to use their role in the work.
The photographer of the Samarra satellite channel in Babel Ahmed al-Ajili was assaulted by a police employee who was present at the Hela market, during the coverage of the suffering of citizens, after being prevented from filming and smashing his camera in front of the people and the withdrawal of identity identification issued by the police leadership of Babylon, and took the associate channel team to the police station, after knowing where they belong.
At the same time, the Iraqi Center (Rights) rejects this violation. It demands the governor of Babel, Karrar al-Abadi and the provincial police chief, Major General Ali al-Zughaybi, to announce their position on this attack, so the public opinion knows respect for the provisions of the Constitution, which guaranteed freedom of the press.
(Rights) calls on media organizations to prosecute members of the security forces who violate the constitution and law in front of the media by preventing them from covering events in the country's governorates.
“The photographer Ahmad al-Ajaili was attacked by an associate in the police in the center of Al- Hela market after the withdrawal of the identity card issued by the commander of the police and destroyed the camera after the inspection, indicating that the associate Al- Aqili taken to the police station in an inappropriate manner similar to the criminals” a correspondent of Samera satellite television channel in Babylon, Sajad Al- Khafaji told the Iraqi Center (Rights) about that.


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