(Rights) condemns run over journalists in Mosul by the Al-Aakoub convoy

  25/03/2019 03:03         Statement         793   

The Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support condemns the repeated violations to journalists in Nainwa province by the governor Nawfal al-Aakoub, the latest of what happened today, were run over a number of journalist during they covering a demonstration of the victims of the ferry that sank yesterday evening in the Tigris River.
The Journalist Laith al-Rasheed, members of the Mosuliya satellite channel, Karam al-Tai and Ali al-Naimi, were run over by Al-Aakoub convoy, Nainwa Governor during their coverage of the demonstrations that took place in front of the Umm al-Rabein tourist island.
The Rights Center calls on the governor of Nainwa to respect the work of journalists and focus on providing services to the people of the province and to uncover the culprits of sinking the ferry that claimed the lives of hundreds of victims.
The Rights Center calls on Nainwa Health Department to provide necessary treatment to journalists who have been run over by Nainwa Governor Nawfal al-Aakoub. 
And also calls on journalists who have been subjected to barbaric assault to file lawsuits against the governor, while pledging to provide a team of lawyers.


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