Rights Center: The judiciary acquits a journalist in Karbala of a charge filed by the head of the provincial council

  30/03/2019 07:25         News         1712   

The Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support announced the acquittal of journalist NRP correspondent Haidar Hadi in Karbala of the lawsuit against him by the head of the provincial council Nassif al-Khattabi on the background of a report broadcast by the channel earlier.
The Center said in a statement that it had provided a team of lawyers to defend the journalist Haider Hadi, noting that the Court of Misdemeanors Karbala issued on Thursday the ruling to cancel the charge to the journalist Haider Hadi, a correspondent of NRT Arabic channel in Karbala, after multiple sessions of the trial.
“the court did not find any assault or abuse by the journalist or defamation of the President of the Council of Karbala, and that Hadi did not use his opinion in the transfer of news or the preparation of press materials” the Center added.
The Rights Center had issued various statements rejecting repeated attempts to prosecute and silencing the voices of journalists by filing lawsuits to restrict their work.
Rights Center was confident in the fairness of the judiciary and respected judicial decisions, and also calls on officials to respect freedom of expression and invest constructive criticism to assess the work of government institutions and their performance.
Rights demanded the president of the Karbala provincial council Nassif al-Khattabi to withdraw the complaint against NRT Arabiya correspondent, in Karbala Haider Hadi.


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