"Rights" rejects the procedures of the Najaf governor that restricted the journalists and denounces the prosecution the editor of Dalel Al- Najaf 

  25/07/2019 08:07         Statement         1509   


The Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support rejects the actions of Najaf governor, Louay al-Yasiri, against journalists and the constant harassment of journalists in the field of investigative journalism, and who publish reports on local government performance, and the most recent of which is the prosecution of the editor of DalelAl-Najaf newspaper Haider Nizar al-Sayyid Salman on the background of criticizing the governor on his Facebook page.
While the Rights Center condemns the repeated restriction on the work of journalists in Najaf, which reflects the role of Governor Louay al-Yasiri in not giving the media space to perform their duties, the Center calls on the governor to withdraw the lawsuit against the journalist Mr. Salman.
According to the Rights Center, the goal of the governor of Najaf, Louay al-Yasiri, to sue the editor-in-chief ofDalelAl-Najaf newspaper Haider Nizar al-Sayyed Salman is to destroy him financially and psychologically and not to achieve justice.
The Rights Center pledges to provide a defense team of lawyers to refute the claims of Najaf governor Louay al-Yasiri against the journalist.
A representative of the RightsCenter in Najaf said that Governor Louay al-Yasiri had sued the editor of DalelAl-Najaf newspaper Haidar Nizar al-Sayyid Salman for publishing on Facebook.


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