Rights Center calls for the prosecution of associates assaulted Al- I’tejah channel crew in Bashiqa and asks Al- Zobaie to stop harassment

  20/08/2019 08:08         Statement         1531   


Rights Center for Freedom of Expression Support calls on Nainawa Operations Commander Major General Nomas Al-Zobaie to immediately direct his staff to stop harassing journalists and television reporters working in the province, and the latest was with Al- I’tejah channel crew, which were the security forces of a checkpoint in f Bashiqa detained the reporter of the channel, Mo'men Maher, and the cameraman accompanying him during they y preparing a report on the Turkish presence in Bashiqa.
While denouncing repeated harassment against journalists working in Nainawa province, the Rights Center Warns of unprecedented legal action in the event of repeated attacks.
The Rights Center calls on Al- I’tejah channel crew to register lawsuits against members of the security forces, while pledging to provide a team of lawyers for this case.
“The reporter of Al- I’tejah channel in Nainawa, Mo'men Maher, and the cameraman accompanying him were detained for hours when they were heading towards the Turkish base in Bashiqa” the representative of the Rights Center in Nainawa informed that.


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